Katie Gunn
Executive Producer
Food / Bev


To celebrate the launch of Grande Couronne - a new, 26-year-old single malt whisky - Glenfiddich was looking to create artwork that highlights the brands' rich heritage between Scotland and France.  This diverse campaign included one-of-a-kind sleeve artworks designed by creators in 4 key markets (Germany, Italy, Belgium + Israel), as well as bespoke jewellery and furoshiki designs created by well-known Israeli artist, Mirit Weinstock.  

As well as the primary sleeve artworks, the series of assets included creator videos, animated GIFS, handmade pendants and Japanese furoshiki! The artists also engaged in their markets by attending tasting events and auctions.

 Designed by Jewellery Designer & Creative Maker, Mirit Weinstock

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Designed by Eltipo

Designed by Tilmann Trittmacher

Designed by Alessandro Tommasini